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Providing shelter is the most important thing your home does, and making sure it is sound and secure is vital to prevent interior damage. Neglect won't only lead to deterioration, it may also be the cause for an insurance claim to be denied.

If you haven't had a roof inspection, we're happy to help! Maintaining your roof after heavy rain, wind and hail is a cost-effective way to ensure your home and family stay safe.

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Maintenance & New Roof Systems

FREE INSPECTIONS: (940) 600-4137  Or  940-218-2640



"Your Homeowner Advocate."

At NTX Roofing, owner-operator Abe Ruiz makes every effort to win your confidence by offering honest proposals, seasoned craftsmanship, premium materials for your property, and warrantied installations. From free inspection to day of the build, as a homeowner advocate we'll guide you through the insurance claim process, including unfair denials, and reveal how best to maximize your budget.

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